Post-Holiday Sale Bonanza

So, in years past I never had much luck finding vintage Christmas items at local thrift stores or even at the antique malls & flea markets in my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas. This year, however, the holiday thrift gods must have smiled upon me as I kept finding items… this time half off!!! I can’t wait to use them next year. 🙂

Amazing little ornaments most likely from the 1960s or 1970s found at the Council of the Blind Store in Rogers. I’m in awe of what people were able to do with pipe cleaners back then. I think that mushroom ornament is now my favorite; it goes well with an ornament I picked up this summer at a garage sale in Chicago of a snowman perched on a mushroom (picture to come later).

Price: I think they were 25 cents each?

There’s a mix of apple ornmanents and regular shiny red balls in this package. I love the graphics on the box. These were found at All My Treasures Flea Market.

Price: 75 cents

What’s inside the box.

Fun cookie cutters from 1972. I only paid a little more than people did in the 1970s for them! These were also found at the All My Treasures Flea Market.

Price: $1

Two Made in Japan ceramic Santas (the one on the left is a candle holder and on the right is a napkin holder), a snowglobe that I believe is newer but has a vintage look to it and 2 mini candle holders with candles. All of this was found at the Council for the Blind Store in Fayetteville.

Price: Less than $5 for the lot.


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