A Very Vintage Holiday

So this year, due to Jade’s newfound love of vintage housewares, we decided to exchange thrifted goodies for Christmas. I recieved some great aqua & yellow kitchen items and some additions to two patterns I’ve started to collect (Marcrest Swiss Alpine & Fire King’s Candleglow). Now the fun part will be finding a way to schlep all of these pieces back to Chicago with me! (I apologize for the image-heavy post… we’re having some technical difficulties regarding how to implement the ‘read more’ option on blogger)

These are all the items I got from Jade, along with a few pieces of Candleglow that she found for me.

This is me at Jade’s apartment playing with some of my gifts.

Top to bottom: The aqua juicer, yellow measuring cups and yellow breadbox are all by Lustroware. The stack of cinderella bowls/casserole dishes are in the Candleglow and Marcrest Swiss Alpine patterns. They are on top of an atomic-looking plate in a pattern called “Medallion” by Sterling China. My favorite item Jade gave me are the aqua salad servers with ‘antiqued chrome’ handles. The handles are plastic but were meant to look like metal… we both found this to be rather hilarious. I also really like the Marcrest Swiss Alpine loaf pan that the salad servers are in… I’m picturing a nice meatloaf in there right now!

Not pictured are several lovely pieces of blue Melmac, a wavy-edged plate, a bowl & a saucer. 🙂


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