Antiquing in Andersonville

Today I headed to the North Side to meet my friend Grant for lunch in his ‘hood of Andersonville. A Swedish meatball lunch & thrifting… a Sunday afternoon well spent. Thanks Grant for being a good sport and going to Brickhouse Antiques, Village Discount Outlet, The Brown Elephant and the Salvation Army with me!

Next to Svea (the Swedish restaurant where we had lunch) is a little antique store that is packed floor to ceiling with furniture, housewares & oddities. It’s tricky navigating the space but there’s always something interesting there at a good price.

Crammed into the back of the store today was a rack full of clothes from the 1950s-70s. About half the clothing had staining or other issues but I managed to find this great silk shirt that buttons down the back. I’m not sure how old it is… maybe 1950s? Next to it is a woven purse with heavy plastic handle that was 60 cents at the Bucktown Village Discount Outlet.

Closeup of the shirt’s tag & collar.

I apologize for the extremely wrinkled shirt! I would have ironed it but I’m getting it drycleaned soon. The blouse was found at Brickhouse Antiques and the near pristine little purse was only $1.25 at Village Discount Outlet.

The immaculate pink satin interior of the purse.

Closeup of the rickrack on the shirt and an English tea tin found for $1.50 at the Andersonville Village Discount Outlet. I don’t think the tin is all that old but I couldn’t pass it up. 🙂

Perfect pair of large sunglasses… they’re made of rather heavy plastic and the shape makes me think they’re from the 1950s? Found for $2 at the Andersonville Brown Elephant.

A heavy ‘pearl’ bracelet made of glass and a dainty Timex watch with leather band. I wanted a Elgin or Bulova but the ones at the antique store were broken or had clouded faces. On the right is an open-faced tin locket… it’s difficult to tell what era it’s from, I imagine some time between the 1920s and 1940s judging from the woman’s hairstyle. I have a soft spot for lockets and own quite a few but unfortunately they have become increasingly harder to find at a reasonable price (I blame their trendyness on stores like Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters). There’s just something so personal about a locket… it used to be something that was cherished so it’s a little sad that they end up at antique tores.

I found this Pyrex 401 1 1/2 pint bowl in the Butterfly Gold pattern at the Andersonville Brown Elephant thrift store for $2.

Bodice of a silk dress found at Brickhouse Antiques for $10. The collar is a bit strange… it has lengths of fabric on either side that I think is supposed to tie in the back?


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