Fav Finds (of Fayetteville)

My nearly 3-week visit to my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas is drawing to a close. I’ll be headed back to Chicago tomorrow morning and am already toying with the idea of going thrifting in the afternoon!

While the windy city is a thrifting mecca, I do enjoy perusing the stores back home. I’ve been going to Cheap Thrills, a store dedicated to both vintage and secondhand clothing, since I was in elementary school. Back then I usually visited when in need of a Halloween costume or an outfit for Decades Day during school spirit week; now I snatch up any dress from the 1940s-1970s in my size. Unfortunately in the way of apparel I only bought a slip (pictured below) and a dress this time around… I think it’s the wrong season to be buying dresses!

This visit I also got to go to some thrift stores in the neighboring towns of Springdale & Rogers that I had never been to before. I’ve slowly stopped going to the pricier antique malls and indoor flea markets and instead go to the Salvation Army, Goodwill & other local charity shops. The only thing I miss during winter visits are garage sales… this just means I have to come back when it gets warmer!

A boxy gold & embroidered fabric bag possibly from the 1960s? It was made by Woolf Brothers and I think it was sold in a store called “Lou Taylor” in Miami (there’s a little gold label that says that… could also have been the owner of the bag).

Found at Cheap Thrills for $15. It was a little overpriced but when I saw it in the window I had to have it.

A little plastic bird found at the Helping Hands Store in Rogers. Jade & I thought it was a bottle stopper? It cost 25 cents or under.

Two lovely Avon products… a covered powdered dish made of a Melmac-like material and a blue glass bird perfume bottle with a ‘silver’ head. He was hard to photograph so I included a few different shots.

The powder box was $4 at All My Treasures Antique Mall and the perfume bottle was $1.50 at The Attic thrift store.

A lace and satin slip found at Cheap Thrills for $8. I feel/look very va-va-voom in this…I’ll be wearing it under my dresses of course. 🙂


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  1. Hi Leilani! (and Jade!) You girls have found some lovely things! I am quite jealous. 🙂

    L – you mentioned on my blog that I should read Geisha, A Life and I wanted to tell you that I have but not for some time. Might be time for a reread! I really enjoyed it as well.

    Thanks for visiting, stop by more often. I’m adding you guys to my bloglines to keep up with your fab finds.


  2. I know this was a LONG time ago (hey, almost exactly a year!) but – I think your bird-shaped "bottle stopper" might actually be a whistler that originally went in the spout of a tea kettle? (Depends on how big around the bottom is.) It's hard to tell, but the little metal/wire piece (is there another on the opposite side?) sticks out just far enough to help it "catch" and resist popping out from the force of the steam.

    Just a thought —

  3. The label inside the bag may say Lord & Taylor. It's a swanky store that I believe is primarily found in the south. They may not even be around anymore… not sure. It's along the lines of a Macy's or Nordstroms. Good finds!

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