Pink + Blue

This rather ingenious reversible butter knife that I found at The Ark for 25 cents inspired this post. While I’ve always been partial to blue kitchen items (look forward to a post on aqua items soon!), I’ve recently been picking up items that incorporate aqua and pink. Though I’m not a huge fan of pink, there’s just something very ’50s about pastel-hued kitchenware.

Aqua 1/3 cup plastic scoop & two pink tin measuring spoons found at The Ark thrift store in Wicker Park for 25 cents each. I was drawn to the unusual shape of the spoons… I just wish I could have found more of them!

This set of pink tin measuring spoons were found at the Peace at Home Thrift Store in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They’re in pretty good shape and were only $1.

More pink aluminum… I found this pitcher for $2 and set of salt and pepper shakers for $3 at a garage sale this summer.

I have a penchant for Melmac and was lucky enough to find quite a bit in Chicago-area thrift stores. The blue cup was found on one trip to my favorite Salvation Army and the next week I came across a large set of pink & blue dishes by the Chicago company Mallo-Ware.

The underside of one of the the pink Melmac cups, it’s nifty that the company was based in Chicago.

Two salad plates in the “Tiki” pattern by Mikasa. I believe the pattern is from the early 1970s… these were found at The Ark thrift store in Wicker Park.

Detail of the Tiki pattern…the leaves remind me of Scandanavian design.


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