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[Photo by LaraJo]

Hi all, I always regretted not entering last year’s Mad Men/Banana Republic contest. Imagine my delight when I found out they were sponsoring another contest this year! I know it’s a long shot– but if all of you vote, EVERY DAY, on your home/school/work computers and your phone it would help me greatly! Please also blog, twitter and post on your facebook about the contest!

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My lovely friend LaraJo, who is also from Arkansas, sweetly agreed to pick me up in my 1960s finery, drive us to the Marina City Towers near the Chicago River at RUSH HOUR last week and to do a full blown photo shoot of me! All the photos in this post were taken by her. Even her husband Justin helped out, he met us downtown and acted as our second shooter. Thank you to them again for taking me seriously and doing all they could to help me out!


I bought the aqua sheath dress at the Pistol Bazaar vintage store when they closed a few months ago. They were having a half off sale AND the zipper was broken on this dress so they gave it to me for $6! My mom was able to fix the zipper in a jiff (she’s a sewing wizard) so I knew it would be the perfect outfit for this photo. I paired it with my gold flecked Cat Eye sunglasses I bought on my trip to LA, a vintage Samsonite suitcase/hat box, a Kodak duaflex box camera, white gloves a floral purse bought at a garage sale in my neighborhood for only $4.


Lara Jo took so many great pictures it was hard to choose which one to submit! I had picked the Marina City Towers (or Corn Cob buildings as we have nicknamed them) as they were completed in 1964 and were significant to the city–they were the first mixed used apartment complex to be built– the first few tiers are dedicated to parking and originally there was a bowling alley, restaurants and shops located
on the ground floors. At the time it was meant to attract people back to the city after the mass migration to the suburbs in the 1950s/1960s. They were also designed by a noted architect, Bertrand Goldberg, who grew out of the Bauhaus movement and was a contemporary of Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright.




While I no longer have a personal facebook account I set one up especially for the contest. Please ‘like’ me on facebook and add me on twitter if you have an account!

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  1. These look fantastic! I regretted not being able to get to the Pistol Bizarre closing sale, that dress is quite a find. Sorry I couldn't help you out but looks like you got some wonderful snaps! Good luck on the contest.

  2. These photos are amazing! I'm glad you left me a note on my little blog… I'll happily vote for you! I'm a die-hard Mad Men fan, and wish I could dress like Joan every single day.

    The Bizarre was fun – but it made me wish we hadn't purged so many of our treasures before downsizing to our current studio.

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