Puddle Jumper: Rainy Day Brights


The rainy season is upon Chicago, I should be grateful that it’s warm enough to be raining versus snowing but it’s too gloomy to be excited. I’ve decided I could never live in the Pacific Northwest or London as I don’t do well with prolonged days of gloomy skies and wet weather– I need sun! To cheer myself up I wear brighter clothing on days like today and pull out my vintage rain gear.

I’d be searching for a 1960s bubble umbrella for years and when I finally found one (pictured above)in the basement of an estate sale 3 years ago, Target came out with its own line of them! Ah well. Umbrellas are unfortunately one item that I can’t have enough of– I go through them at an alarming rate. My first year here I went through 5 umbrellas due to breaking them in our strong wind gusts or accidentally leaving them on the El or train. I’m actually in need of a new umbrella as the vintage bubble one is now rather delicate.

This 1960s (?) rain coat was bought at a private vintage sale last summer and I like its Nautical feel– I also have a sunshine yellow trench that matches the umbrella but thought it would be a bit much paired with the bubble gum pink dress.
Out Details:
1960s (?) Trench: Private Vintage Sale, Wicker Park
Bubblegum Pink 1960s Dress: Garage Sale, Ukrainian Village
Vintage Galoshes (1970s? 80s?): Village Thrift, Chicago
1960s Bubble Umbrella: Estate Sale, Chicago
1950s Bow Fascinator: Chicago Antique Store
1980s Avon Boat Pin: Gift from Albert
I don’t wear this dress very often, it was found at a garage sale in my neighborhood when I st moved to Chicago almost 4 years ago. While the colour and detailing (there are little pearls and rhinestones studded along the collar and pockets) the shape is rather awkward on me. Perhaps it’s time to get it altered.
The vintage galoshes fit better than their contemporary cousins, they have a small square heel and fit tight on the calf and zip up. I’d always hated rain boots as they are always so bulky. These are also lined in a faux fur to keep me toasty.

It’s hard to see but I’m wearing a 1950s bow fascinator, it’s made of a stiff material and perches on the back of my head. I was excited to find it at a Chicago antique shop for $3, it will be getting more use in warmer weather. My hair also needs to be cut quite badly, you can see it in all its scraggly, humidity-induced frizziness here.

While looking for Rainy Day inspiration I came across an umbrella company, Umbrella Heaven, based in the United Kingdom. Since the conversion rate is so awful (plus international shipping) I won’t be able to get one of those heart shaped umbrellas but I can dream!


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  1. I love the umbrella with the pink dress! I agree, you can never wear enough bright color on a rainy day. I never understood why so many people carry boring black umbrellas!

  2. So cute!! I have a mild fascination with umbrellas. I have like 3 in my car at all times. I don't quite know why I have that many, but I can never seem to pass up a cute one. 🙂

  3. growing up, I don't think we ever had a non-broken umbrella, which really isn't that big of a deal in central California, but now that I can buy umbrellas of my own, I see so many cute ones! I must have at least 1 working umbrella at all times 🙂
    the pink of that dress is fabulous! I like the color with your hair.
    Darned those conversion rates 'cause that heart umbrella is AMAZING!

  4. What an adorable outfit! I find that my bubble umbrella is quite a bit better in the wind than some of my others (I put the front low and close to me like a shield), but the midwest wind is tough. I didn't have time to post on your trip, but I was sorry to hear you had a less than spectacular Indiana thrifting experience. Mass Ave. & Fountainsquare in Indy are too pricey and not much happening in the bargain area (though the art scene can be neat in Fountain Square, duck pin bowling is neat, and Mass Ave has nice places to eat and buy new stuff). In general, in Indiana, I have found you have to hit flea markets and junk shops, especially church charities. Everything else is too picked over. On my trips to Ohio for work, I have found more or less the same thing, though there were some good furniture deals in the hipster (not Short North–though I enjoy that too) area of the same town you visited.

  5. aaaah thank you so much for pointing out that Target has their own bubble umbrellas…I've been dying for one for soooooooo long. And its a Totes, which is pretty durable…I'm there this weekend! Hopefully they have them instore, if not its online shopping for me. You look absolutely adorable by the way in your getups!

  6. You '60s umbrella is the best!! What a find! Whenever it rains in southern california i always vow to buy a cuter umbrella than the one I have (its just a big, plain plaid one) but then I always forget after it stops. ooh and the pink heart one is adorable too! 🙂


  7. I love that you still look so stylish when the weather is gloomy! Your umbrella is fantastic and that perfect pink dress is a drool maker!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week thrifty lady!

    xo, Strawberry Moth

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