Down by the Pond

Fortunately I got the chance to meet up with Jade, my friend since high school and former co-blogger here at Thriftaholic, during the few days back in my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The day before I left to come back to Chicago we met up at her home in Centerton, a more rural area about 30 minutes from Fayetteville.
Luckily she’s always a good sport about taking blog photos for me so we wandered over to a commercial pond near her home. The area of Arkansas we’re from is actually more suburban than rural, you might think otherwise from my photos as I tend to seek out more rustic areas to photograph. Ponds, fields and ‘abandoned’ train yards make better pictures than Wal-marts and chain restaurants, right?
I was excited to rediscover this 1970s novelty print halter dress in my old closet at my parents’ home. I’d bought it 5 years ago in L.A. at a now-closed store called the Dust Factory. The dress used to have a built-in bra which unfortunately made it unwearable. My handy seamstress mother cut out the inserts and put in new elastic so it was instantly wearable (thanks mom!) It’s made out of cotton so it will be my go-to frock for sunny days spent at the beach or at the park this summer.

1970s frog & daisy print cotton dress: Dust Factory, Los Angeles (now closed)
Basket Purse: Found in my closet at my parents’ house, think I found it at an Arkansas thrift store
Vintage Yellow & Green Plastic Bangles: Fayetteville thrift store
Vintage Yellow Bracelet: Village Thrift Store, Montreal, Canada
1960s sunglasses: Antique Store, Andersonville, Chicago
Leather Belt: Brown Elephant Thrift Store, Chicago
Denim Espadrilles: Shoe Village of Liliw, Philippines
Jade and I found a field dotted with cows and yellow flowers by the pond but unfortunately a wicked barbed wire fence separated us from the idyllic setting. I was game for going over the fence but we couldn’t find an opening anywhere… next time we’ll have to bring a stepstool! Ah the things I do for blog photos.

Thanks Jade for taking the photos! She’ll be updating her blog, Out Thrifting, in the near future with her vintage finds.

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  1. once again some beautiful pictures and an ultra lovely dress 🙂 my brother lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas!

    River Island is a UK original highstreet store with lots of overpriced crap, but also the occasional gem. They have amaaaazing 50s-60s style summedresses this year, already bought 3 😀

  2. That 70s print is amazing. I love finding old treasures like that. You mom must be a talented lady sounds like she did an amazing job. Love the setting to these pics, even if you couldn't make it past the fence….so pretty

  3. such lovely outfit photos! I'm happy for you that you found this dress -so pretty! Love the shoes and wicker bag, I have a weakness for wicker bags


  4. "A handy seamstress mother"? You lucky person you! What great print on your dress and that last photo has a great carefree feel to it. The fields look exactly like the ones behind my house, here in deepest rural Britain.

  5. Yes, the perfect dress indeed. I am loving the pattern and particularly the color scheme. I think this dress is absolutely wonderful for summer! I could see myself wearing it at a picnic of sorts. xx

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