Randolph Street Market: Opening Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend means grilling, sunning at the beach and the chance to wear white again, right? In Chicago it also means the start of VINTAGE shopping season, when flea markets like the Randolph Street Market are outdoors again and packed with more vendors than ever before.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to the first ever blogger events sponsored by the Randolph Street Market this weekend. I’ll be posting photos from the 2 events and my finds from the market over the next few days. Originally I planned one mega post but didn’t think any of you would appreciate 50+ photos in one go!
My friend Albert was my +1 for Saturday morning’s event– a blogger brunch and early admission to the market. The market didn’t officially open to the public until 10AM but we got to go in 2 hours early, at 8AM. We thankfully fueled up with coffee before perusing the goods. Unfortunately the forecast was grim (it was super gray while we were there) so I’m happy the three hours we were there the rain held off.
Enjoy this quick photographic tour of the market and if anyone reading knows the vendors of these items leave a comment so I can post up any contact information/websites.
Look at this aqua rolling bbq/grill/bar. Isn’t this the perfect item for a patio? It also had an attached umbrella to shade the cook while he or she is flipping burgers.
As you can tell, aqua is my favorite color so I always gravite towards taking pictures of items in this hue. One of the ‘hot’ vintage trends right now are birdcages, I was drawn to the shape and color of this model– it looks to be from the 1960s? I know industrial numbers and letters are rather passé now but it’s hard not to be sucked in by their graphic look.
I’m finding myself more and more drawn to ‘rustic chic’ items. Yes, I can’t escape my Arkansas past. I think the metal box is some sort of animal trap/carrier? Old signage is always chic, I’m curious what ‘thrifty stamps’ were?
The photos above and below reminded me of the trend reports from the latest Brimfield Market– apparently worn in leather chairs are ‘so hot right now’.
Who can resist space age/mod/1960s orange streamlined goodness? No idea where the 31 sign originally hailed from, Albert thought it was from an airport.
Handhooked kitten pillow that the vendor said was from the early 1900s. So tempted to get it but I have a rule against buying vintage pillows.
Albert posing with a super kitsch hand tinted photograph of a poodle in our friend Leah’s booth. Either Albert or I should have brought it home, it was only $35.
Above and below are two more shots from Leah’s booth. Look at the groovy print on the shirt: birds, butterflies AND flowers.
Vintage Hawaiiana always tempts me as my first name is Hawaiian and I spent half my childhood in Maui. The woman in cateye glasses portrait also called to me but I’m trying not to inundate my apartment with even more kitsched out art.
While browsing the market I found myself drawn more and more to unusual, older items with the character and soul that is lacking from the usual MCM fare that I favor. One great example of this style is Jon Dethrow’s items at the booth he shared with his sister Karyn of Dethrose Vintage. Both of them have impeccable tastes, wish I had a brother to serve as my thrifting/antiquing partner in crime.
Another photo from the Dethrow’s booth, wish I’d gotten more, there were tons of customers there so I didn’t want to get in the way.
Albert is an avid collector of folk art and owns several 3-D portraits like the one above. They are called fotoescultura and were created by artisans in Mexico mainly in the 1930s and 1940s and are based on a photographic image. The ‘suit jacket’ is painted wood and it’s set into a glass and wood frame. Outside of this vendor I’d never seen this type of art before, wish I could have afforded to add one to my collection.

On the right are more examples of the fotoesculturas (along with some creepy carved bunny dolls) and on the left is a scene from another booth– I’m not Catholic but collect vintage Virgin Mary statues/medals.

Did any of you go to the Randolph Street Market? What did you find?
I’m linking up to Her Library Adventures’ Flea Market Finds this week too.

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  1. Good rule about not buying vintage pillows, I join you. Love the orange and white lamp, I would definately have brought it home if I were in Chicago. Which I wasn't – thank God for blogging, though.

  2. your dress is so beautiful! Thanks for this post, I enjoyed it tremendously, I felt as if I was there at the market, what a lovely feast for the eyes!


  3. OOOhhh!!Great post!!
    Can't wait for the next ones!
    I will take the painted table lamp in the elephant thing picture (#9) , the round wrist-bag with the blue flowers in the Hawaiiana picture (#19) and the chicken pulltoy in the stamp kit picture (#21) please. Wrap it up and mail it to me at my house…lol
    BTW, in the fotoescultura picture (#22) that african-american head thing is very, very creepy and disturbing…

  4. I just saw so many things that I wish I could have! Starting with the amazing mounted rabbit head. I would like to tease Howard with that, saying that "This is what happens to rabbits who are bad!" And yes for the color aqua as well! I think nothing says summer like some warmer hues. Can't wait to see more pictures my dear!

  5. don't you just love that eclectic mix of trash, treasure and everything in between! your dress is a total treasure btw 🙂 and I always thought you looked a bit hawaiian! 😀

  6. I live for markets like this one– we have the Alameda Antique faire that looks a lot similar in size. If you ever come out to visit S.F. let me know and we'll go! That's funny, I collect vintage Virgin Mary statues too– there's something so beautiful about them.

    i adore your camel leather purse– is it vintage?

  7. omg, that rabbit head thingy is scary!!! ahh..i would have nightmares if it were in my house. 😛
    you totally should have bought that poodle painting..i love it so much.
    looks like an amazing time filled with amazing treasures.

  8. L!!! You are 2 for 2 on dresses. First the awesome peach one and now this one. Good thing you weren't wearing this the other day I might have tried to negotiate my way into purchasing it from you. 😉 SO glad we met. Can't wait til next time.

  9. Leilani, it was so wonderful meeting you at last! Loved having your beautiful serene and vintagepresence at the Randolph Street Market and please know how comforting it is to me, seeing the market laid out in all it's minute splendor here…..I'm having a hard time remembering anything but the damn rains, so these phots and descriptions are bringing me some overdue joy. Bless you! And thnks for being @ the Blogger Happy Hour & the Mimosa Early Shopping Saturday, you are hardcore Vintage queen!! Xo

  10. The barbecue over is divine. I mean it, you could cook angels on that thing. (Not that I'd ever do that but if YOU do, I want a wing!) So happy to have found your blog so I can be discontent over all the great stuff you've found. Am following you now and can't wait to see what else you find.

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