Featured in Refinery 29’s Best & Brightest Chicago Style Bloggers

Photo by Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style for R29.

Recently I had the honor of being included in Refinery29’s “Chicago’s Best and Brightest Style Bloggers” that featured 13 of my fellow bloggers. I’m happy that I could represent the vintage/thrifted fashion community in the article; the entire outfit above besides my shoes are vintage. The photographer, Amy Creyer, and I are coincidentally from the same town in Arkansas and went to Fayetteville High School together. Somehow we both ended up in Chicago and the day of the shoot was the first time I’d seen her in 8 years!


1980s star print dress worn as a top: Buffalo Exchange, Chicago
Vintage ball skirt: Village Thrift, Chicago
1950s floral purse: Garage Sale, Chicago
1980s leather belt: N & K Vintage, Chicago
1960s sunglasses: Andersonville antique store, Chicago
Bakelite Bangles: Thrifted in Chicago
1970s (?) floral bib necklace: Buffalo Exchange, Chicago
1950s gold bow hair clip: Antique store in Evanston
Urban Outfitters red suede peeptoe heels


Fortunately Tabitha of Defining Tabitha and Lisa of Archives Vintage were also at the shoot and I had the pleasure of hanging out with them afterwards at Silver Cloud (bar & grill). I’d met both of them at The Randolph Street cocktail hour back in May and am always happy to run into them at events.
While the three of us were chatting over our sandwiches and mac ‘n cheese, Emma of Très Awesome: A Chicago Street Style Blog stopped into Silver Cloud. She had fortunately brought her camera along and graciously agreed to take photos of me, Tabitha and Lisa in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood. She has an excellent eye for detail and was ace at choosing the ideal backdrop to showcase our individual outfits.
We happened across this slightly rusty 1960s Volkswagen Van and knew it would fit the vintage vibe of my look. I fervently hoped the owner wouldn’t come out and ask what we were doing but he or she would probably have been flattered by the attention the van was getting!



In the summer I always have the urge to chop off my wavy locks; accessories help mitigate this desire a bit. This wee gold metal bow hairclip is likely from the 1950s and was found at an Evanston antique shop. I like that it’s dainty and not too ostentatious.


Usually I opt to wear bright colors but for the shoot I decided to mix bold patterns including the painterly pattern of florals and grass on this 1950s purse. It’s an unusual shape and the metal handle looks like bamboo. It was found at a garage sale in my neighborhood last summer for only $5.


My huge 1960s sunglasses, I’m happy I haven’t broken or lost these as of yet +knocks on wood+.

Does anyone know the era of this necklace? When I bought it at Buffalo Exchange a year ago I assumed it was from the 1970s. A vintage store owner in Milwaukee thought it was much older based on the look of the metal, she guessed 1940s. Thoughts? The little flowers have red glass beads in the middle and the metal content is unknown (copper? brass?).


Of course there had to be twirling shots! I’d been searching for a floaty ball skirt for a while and was happy to find this one for $4 at a thrift store. It’s actually two layers, a filmy navy chiffon over a slightly shiny crimson satin. It’s hard to tell in the photos but it has a iridescence to it in the right light.



Old Chicago meets new; I’m actually standing on a slice of the city’s past: a brick alley that hides underneath the modernday black pavement.


My partners in crime (Tabitha on the right and Lisa in the middle) & I posing at the famous 6 Corners intersection in Wicker Park (where North Avenue/Milwaukee Avenue/Damen Avenue intersect). I’m loving how we’re all wearing red and belted our respective outfits. I’m actually not that tall, I am 5 foot 6 inches tall and wearing 3 inch heels!
Thank you Emma for taking these glorious photos! I always look forward to seeing you around the Wicker Park neighborhood and at fashion/style events. You should definitely check out her blog, Très Awesome – A Chicago Street Style Blog soon! She also contributes to R29 and Elle Magazine’s online site as a street style photographer.

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  1. I simply adore your vintage outfits. You
    're so good at putting together all your vintage items and make them work for you. And they look fabulous. Congrats! You deserve it and I'm your fan.


  2. A) You ARE a twirling pro. You'll have to do a tutorial or Vlog. B) Emma is a genius. C) I forgot about that van…makes me wonder if Scooby Doo lives there and D) How did it end up that our group pic was in height order? I loved hanging out with you guys.

  3. I am loving this outfit! I have always wanted to try using a dress for a top and seeing it done so well like this makes me want to try it even more. Love the bag too!!

  4. oh man, everything about this outfit rules, head to toe quirky perfection. the pattern mixing between the shirt and skirt is really well done. your hair looks like brunette Veronica Lake, too

  5. I'm happy for "finding" this blog – and Jade's, too – again after three years. Somehow I had forgotten the URL… but now I'm back! You just probably don't remember me, but oh well, that's not a big deal… 🙂 Great photos & finds, still! Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Finland,

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