Summer Adventures with Blogger Pal Sara!

Yes, folks, I’m dishing up more sassy cross-blog action tonight, this summer has been ripe for blogger meetups in Chicago! I had the fortune to meet Sara (pictured on the right), who writes It’s About the Look, a couple of weeks ago at the Havaianas event. We took some fun outfit photos at North Avenue Beach that day and made plans to hang out this past weekend.
Every 2nd Friday of the month, the Pilsen neighborhood organizes an art walk and the vintage stores in the area stay open late to host sales. Throw in free wine/cocktails and it’s a perfect Friday night activity. We arrived just in time to take outfit photos before the light faded. I’ve been having a hard time finding new (vintage) summer frocks so I have been shopping my own closet lately– I dug out this floaty silk number to wear as it was cool and colorful. I don’t wear it often as the fit is a bit wonky but an added vintage brooch helped to define the waist more– I’m so used to belting everything now, it was hard to go without one.
Silk Dress: Garage Sale in my neighborhood 4 years ago, originally sold at Anthropologie
Vintage Tooled Leather Purse: Buffalo Exchange, Chicago
Black Espadrille Wedges: Shoe Village of Liliw, Philippines
1950s Double-tiered pink bead necklace: Salvation Army, Chicago
1950s Cocktail Ring: PCC Flea Market, Los Angeles
1960s brooch as dress clip: Private Vintage Sale, Chicago
Despite my lack of summer clothing finds, I have been able to pick up loads of accessories– mainly jewelry but also some lovely leather handbags including this one from Buffalo Exchange. Since I’m on a budget I’ve been trading in items from own closet for store credit– so that means this bag was free!
I haven’t painted my nails regularly since high school but suddenly felt compelled to reach for the nail polish bottle after putting on the frothy dress. The manicure lasted a total of 3 days before I took it off, haha. Now I remember why I don’t wear nail polish anymore! Maybe I should invest in higher quality polish, hrm.
The 1950s cocktail ring is my favorite color, I think it came with me from Los Angeles when I moved to Chicago 4 years ago. It likely came from the PCC Flea Market.
A super sparkly 1960s (?) brooch being worn as a dress clip– the waist on the dress gathers to the side and it needed a little more definition. The brooch was only a $1 at a private vintage sale that I went to in a Chicago suburb with Lisa of Archives Vintage 3 weeks ago.
Sara is definitely a master of bold prints & textures in her outfits– I also love her Bohemian vibe. It’s hard to see in this photo but she had some 1970s jewelry on that I adored. She’ll have outfit details over on her blog soon.
The bright hues of this home caught our eye– it reminded me of the painted Victorian homes in San Francisco. Thankfully the owners didn’t pop out to ask us what we were doing on their porch! We did, however, have one home owner open her door after we took dozens of photos on her stairs– she didn’t seem to mind when she realized it was 2 well dressed ladies but we awkwardly scuttled away down the street after that, haha. Ah, the perils of being a fashion/style blogger.
The obligatory twirling shots, unfortunately it was pretty dark at this point so they are a more blurry then intended, oh well you still get the idea!
After perusing all the galleries in Pilsen we hit Knee Deep Vintage and Comet Vintage. We both purchased items off the $1 rack at Knee Deep, I can’t wait to see how Sara styles the vest she bought.
It’s only Tuesday but we’re already planning adventures for this weekend– can’t wait! Look for more photos of Sara & I on the blog in the weeks to come. 🙂

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  1. Really cute outfit. I love the purse (I see yours is stamped with someone's initials, I have one like that too and think it's so fun/funny), and love the idea of the brooch as a dress clip.

    That doorway is phenomenal! I'd have wanted to take photos in front of it, too. There's an amazing art deco entrance way to an apartment building on my friend's block, I am always so tempted to take photos in front of it but feel weird. LOL

  2. haha! this time YOU were in MY neighborhood!! 🙂 i love the second fridays, and the $1 rack! i'm surprised i didn't run into you. you should check out Pilsen Vintage and Thrift next time too, it's a mixed bag-lots of newer items, but the prices are pretty great!

  3. You both look lovely!! Your dress is so pretty, I just love the colors and the excellent twirling action. It sounds like you guys had a really fun evening. Those doors were so bright and colorful. They totally remind me of San Francisco!

  4. I. Love. Your. Leather. Tooled. Bag. It's just too darling. And Buffalo Exchange, really? Amazing. 🙂

    You two definitely have such a great sense of style and sport such confidence. Looove it.

  5. I love the opportunity to meet up with fellow bloggers – sounds like a lovely time. Great use of that doorway too – it echoes the colours of your gorgeous silk dress so well.

  6. This is wonderful! And I love that you like mint colored frocks for the summer (along with tooled leather handbags!) The Victorian doors remind me of architecture in San Francisco. You should head out my way so we can go vintage hunting in Wine Country. And I just sent you an e-mail 🙂 xx

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