Thrifted Sparkle & A Belmont Harbor Outfit

It’s been ages since I’ve done a ‘thrift haul’ post– I have a backlog of treasures to photograph but my 6-year-old Canon Rebel dSLR is on its last legs, the automatic focus is pretty much shot and it can be tricky using the manual focus in low lighting situations. It’s pretty depressing as a photographer to have such a crappy camera but there’s not much I can do until I procure a new camera (which sadly won’t be a for a while).
While downloading the thrift haul pictures I found these outfit pictures taken almost 3 weeks ago at Belmont Harbor; my roommate & I went to see a free movie in the park there, “The Greatest Show on Earth”. It was nearly dusk when we took the pictures so we had to use the dreaded flash on a few!
1960s handmade sundress: Buffalo Exchange, Chicago
Striped Espadrille Sandals: Shoe Village of Liliw, Philippines
1970s/80s silver bow necklace: Thrifted, Suburban thrift store
1960s bangles: Chicago thrift stores
1980s straw tote: Unique thrift store, Chicago
My favorite summer weekend activity is waking up early to hit all the garage, yard and rummage sales in my neighborhood. I’m used to the crazy competitive garage sale culture of my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas where I used to wake up at 6AM to hover outside of the first sale 15 minutes before they opened. Chicagoans, however, are much more lax about their opening times, I’ve had to awkwardly wait up to an hour after the promised start time as disheveled individuals set up their tables. The below finds are from a Saturday jaunt 3 weeks ago, they were the result of hitting 2 garage sales and a church rummage sale.
I’m not a big collector of glassware but couldn’t resist the colours and shapes of these two pressed glass pieces. My grandmother had a similar toothpick holder although hers was clear and not green. The cobalt piece seems to be a creamer and is likely from the 1940s.
At the same garage sale I bought the aquamarine glass creamer & sugar set. They are much smaller than a standard size so I’m wondering if they were meant for children?
Sometimes I just stumble into unadvertised garage sales– I came across one on the way to the church rummage sale. It was mainly craft items but there were a few vintage pieces hidden among the dozens of wicker baskets and faux flowers. I tend to avoid buying ashtrays but was attracted to the atomic 1950s shape and upon inspecting it further discerned that it’s solid SILVER. Nice! The cut crystal bottle is newer, from 1984 (based on an inscription) and also has a solid silver top.
The ashtray could use a good polish, it’s pretty grimy at the moment. I’ll likely use it to hold jewelry.
I also found this heavy glass paperweight containing a Victorian photo at the same garage sale. All three items came to a grand total of $5! I’m pleased I scooped up the silver items before a gold/silver scavenger did– it depresses me when scrappers buy vintage pieces as I know they will be melted down for the metal. 🙁
I snuck into the church rummage sale 10 minutes before they officially opened, teehee, and thus had first pick of an array of sparkly goodies. One of the organizers of the sale had donated some of her mother’s 1950s jewelry which I scooped up quickly! The above pearl collar is in excellent condition, I’m brainstorming ways to style it in the future.
Rhinestones! I’m not a big clip earring person but they came with the marvelous 1950s starburst pin.
Another rhinestone pin & earring set. I think they’re also from the 1950s.
A sterling silver and rhinestone cocktail ring, likely from the 1950s. I believe the box it is in even older, sadly the velvet top is damaged.
I’d already paid for my items when the organizers put out these wee touristy knick knacks. Yes, I’m a sucker for these ceramic baubles. They all appear to be toothpick holders as they all have small openings at the top and are hollow. The piece on the left is meant to resemble an old fashioned pot belly stove and the piece on the right is in the shape of a clothes iron.

What vintage tidbits have you found lately? Check out what others in the vintage blog community have found over at HLA’s Flea Market Finds & ATG’s Thrift Share Mondays.


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  1. gorgeous pics! i need to get to the lake more. and i need to go to garage sales more, great finds!

    converting clip earrings to posts is pretty simple, i do it a lot since i cannot STAND to wear clips!

    and bummer about your camera. i killed a rebel and a 10d in my wedding photographer days, never a good feeling!

  2. love your jewelry and glassware finds. The bling bling jewelries are so beautiful. Your outfit is fabulous too. Love all your vintage dresses.


  3. My bits have nothing on your wonderful peices!!! I was drooling over the soilver bits and the blue creamer and the victorian picture then you throw all those 50s jewellery in my face and well am I drooolong big time or what.!!!LOL Wow what treasures you have totally envious but in a good for you way xx

  4. Your outfit and shoes are perfect for the harbour – so pretty. And I also have orange toenails – yesterday I felt a tickle on my foot and found an amorous ladybird attempting to woo my feet!

    All the jewellery and glassware you found is gorgeous but my favourite (despite being a non-smoker) is that ashtray, I like things a bit tarnished and I love the atomic look, it's fabulous.

  5. Let me get this straight: you live in Chicago, love thrifting and garage sale hunting, are a photographer and love vintage things? I think you're my new best friend.

    I live in Chicago, but I'm from a town where people take the Friday of garage sales off from work. Plus, I adore thrifting, think I was born in the wrong decade, and am an aspiring photographer. Awesome.

    And I'm supremely impressed with your tote.

    The Bombshell Manifesto

  6. Love the ring! The box is also lovely…nice score! I love those old souveniers too…I had a thing for those old cheap plastic $1 snowglobes you used to be able to get for a while there….had to stop!

  7. I always enjoy seeing your thrift haul treasures from all of your amazing garage/estate sales. Oh how I wish I could traverse such sales with you! Bric-a-Brac is a personal favorite of mine, especially kitschy owls and plates. You must have the most amazing kitchen full of fancy tea cups and china. xx

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