Food Truck Picnic


Yesterday evening my roommate Adeline and I went on a lady date in Humboldt Park. We’d been wanting to try the traditional Puerto Rican pressed sandwiches and espresso drinks at the Isla Cafe food truck since they opened 2 months ago. Unlike traditional food trucks that roam the streets of the city, Isla is stationed in the park all day, every day. Since they are specially licensed through the Chicago Park District, they are also allowed to cook food on the truck, unlike other food trucks in the city (due to the city’s antiqued laws, blah).
The weather was actually perfect for such an outing, sunny but not too humid. I’ve been really lazy about dressing lately and here is my version of a casual outfit. I’m wearing a 1950s cotton Swirl brand wrap dress and a pair of leather loafers/moccasins. Since I don’t wear shorts or tennis shoes this is my equivalent to such an ensemble– both items are easy to slip on and super comfortable especially on a hot summer day.
Isla Cafe operates out of a vintage (probably 1950s?) Airstream trailer that brought to mind corny yet fun all-American roadtrips.
The menu at Isla is small, only 4 sandwiches, but they excel at what they do. Above is the traditional Puerto Rican confection known as a Malloraca that consists of ham and Muenster cheese pressed on a sweet, eggy bread. It is Puerto Rico’s version of the traditional sweet and salty Monte Cristo sandwich. Yes, it is topped with powdered sugar! The bread reminded me of French Toast and the cheese and ham added just the right amount of savoryness to counteract the sugar. Accompanying the sandwich is a Cafe Dulce de Leche Helado or what is commonly known as an iced caramel latte.
Prices are low, my sandwich was only $3.75. Coffee drinks range from $1-3.75. Isla also offers tropical fruit milkshakes and fresh lemonade.
Adeline opted for a savory ham sandwich on buttery Sabrosa bread. It looks very similar to pressed Cuban sandwiches that I love.
After finishing our early dinner we decided to roam around the rambling park. Despite the fact we could see the iconic Chicago skyline it felt like the parks back in my homestate of Arkansas– there are little flower gardens, ponds and sweet wooden bridges.
Sadly this was a restricted area, I would have liked to take pictures with the rowboat.

Above & below are detail shots of the jewelry I wore, I’ve been wearing these sterling silver pieces nonstop lately. Both the bracelets and the ring are from Buffalo Exchange in Chicago.
Not sure if this is Native American or Mexican made, the silver ring contains a piece of coral and a cabochon of Mother of Pearl (shell).
Despite being August everything was super green in the park and the flowers were thriving. Usually by this time of the year everything is brown and dead. We’ve had a ridiculous amount of rain this summer though so at least this is a positive outcome of those dreary days. My little leather loafer/moccasins are also from Buffalo Exchange.
Strolling through the flower lined paths I got bit by mosquitoes. 🙁 Sadly 8 mosquito bites on my arms and legs was a souvenir of this outing in the park. We ended up hurrying out of the park after we realized bugs were everywhere!

Is anyone else freaking out that summer is almost over? I’ll be happy to have the chance to layer again in the autumn but am not looking forward to wearing scarves and heavy wool coats again.


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  1. Such a beautiful dress! I love your shoes too. I know what you mean about 'casual', people often ask me what I'm so dressed up for when I'm just going to uni or going for drinks at a pub. I just don't do track pants and tshirts, and it's nice to find others who feel the same way!

  2. This sounds like a lovely time! I've never had a savory/sweet sandwich like that; I can't really imagine if I'd like it or not, but I'd be willing to try one!
    That snake bracelet is very interesting! And the ring is beautiful.

  3. I admit, this summer has been so busy and the weather so shitty I'm looking forward to fall. :/

    Your dress is so cute! Love it. I can't believe that food truck is in an AIRSTREAM! That is beyond awesome.

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