Sunny Shopping at Randolph Street Market


As summer winds down here in Chicago I’m trying to squeeze in as many outdoor activities as possible to take advantage of the sunny weather. This weekend was the monthly Randolph Street Market and Albert & I attended on Saturday. Surprisingly I hadn’t been to the market since the blogger meetup there in May so was happy to get the chance to stroll around and take pictures.


There were loads of well-priced jewelry at the outdoor booths, unfortunately I’m on a tight budget so couldn’t snag any of the great pieces I saw– instead I took pictures of two of my favorites. The bird brooch and bib necklace were from the same booth that was stuffed full of vintage baubles.


This 1970s bib necklace makes quite a statement– look at the mouse engraved on the necklace and the huge kissing fish. I came back about 20 minutes later to try and take another photo of it but it was already gone!




Pictured are two stylish vendors, Leah of Onomatopoeia Vintage and Heather Medina. Albert introduced me to Leah a while ago and I’ve purchased some amazing dresses and coats from her. Both Leah and Heather are wearing 1950s shirt dresses, I wonder if they coordinated their colorful outfits?


Leah had an amazing bathing cap for sale, it has gold foil fringe on it! Also take a gander at the velvet hat, it would be perfect for autumn.






A bevy of 1950s/60s coats for sale, I actually own coats similar to the yellow, green and white ones (yes I have a ton of vintage coats).


I loved everything about this vignette, isn’t the framed artwork stunning?




My grandmother collected butterfly items so they always remind me of her. I have a few framed butterflies under glass hanging in my living room but haven’t come across an collage made out of wings before, they remind me of the cathedral window-style collages that artist Damien Hirst created out of butterfly wings. The dealer told me this piece was at least 50 years old and he was asking $60 for it.





A clever idea, vintage frames turned into chalkboards. If I was good at d.i.y. s projects I’d try to recreate this look at home.




A gorgeous handpainted wooden chest that’s likely a hope or marriage chest. I have dreams of some day finding a large wooden chest to use as a coffee table.


Albert took home this hand-tinted poodle photo from Leah’s booth along with other goodies. Sally Schwartz, the organizer of the Randolph Street Market, snapped this photo of us on the way out of the market.

Photos of my outfit are forthcoming in a future blog post. Did you hit the flea markets this weekend? What did you find? Peruse fellow bloggers’ vintage treasures at Her Library Adventures weekly roundup.


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  1. ooooohhh i so wish i'd been there!! you are so lucky to have such an amazing market in your area. i am drooling with envy!!!! actually, just as well, i would be very poor indeed if i had access to such treasures…

  2. oh gosh how I wish I could go with you on one of these amazing antiques shopping trips! You always have the best finds too!

    about my make up: definitely a mix of the foundation and the mineral powder. Before, I was using one of those cream foundations that have a powdery finish (matte mousse by maybelline) because I liked how light the finish was (I hate cakey make up), but turns out it was too dry for my skin and emphasized the flaking. Soooo I ended up looking for the perfect liquid foundation that would moisturize my skin yet feel light at the same time, and I LOVED maybelline's satin liquid foundation (total recommendation! not expensive but great finish and feel). Their lightest shade was still slightly too dark for me so I mixed it with nivea, since their products are good for sensitive skin, and already really liked the result but I prefer the finished look of a powder so I tried a transparent one, hoping for that glowing look I so love on healthy looking skin and went for mineral powder, and that just added the extra glow! so for glow: mineral powder, for evening out skin and keeping it soft and healthy: foundation πŸ™‚

  3. We were packing and running errands for vacation! This looks way more fun. LOL

    Really neat stuff there. I totally missed that mouse in that huge necklace. It somehow feels much older than the 70s!

    LOVE the row of coats… *swoon* I am a sucker for coats but our coat closet literally is so tightly packed I can barely get anything out of it, yet I find myself still never having the right coat. πŸ˜‰

  4. So many lovely items! Where to begin!? We don't have nicely curated outdoor fleas like this to admire 'round these parts so I love looking at your photos πŸ˜‰

    And you look cute, as always!

  5. what a great market! we have a nice local market here in nashville but i didn't go this weekend because i'm on a tight budget too. and i don't want to torture myself! i LOVE that poodle picture he picked up! i collect vintage dog photos so that would have been right up my alley!

  6. I so have to fly back to Chicago to go to this market again…I went with my sis a few years ago and you make me drool every time you post about it…So different than a lot of the ones in our area…You would look wonderful in that green hat with the leaves..and i love that little green chair…my 3 year old would fit just perfect! Have a great Labor Day weekend…can't wait to see what you did!

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