Exploring The Historic Town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Here is the last of my Arkansas posts, I’ve been back in Chicago since December 30th but took so many photos while at home that they’ve sustained me until now. The bright blue skies and warm temperatures in the South were a sharp contrast to the 12 degree weather that we’re currently experiencing in Chicago.
I took advantage of the my time back home to take a day trip to the Victorian-era resort town of Eureka Springs. The entire town is actually a designated historic landmark site and has been a popular destination since the 1800s when tourists visited the natural springs for health reasons. The town boasts unique geography, Eureka Springs is nestled in the heart of the Ozark Hills so all the streets are winding and steep. In the 1960s artists and bohemians settled into Eureka Springs and opened galleries, coffee houses and shops in the 19th century buildings, thus helping to preserve the area’s history.
Jade and I visited on a ridiculously sunny day which served as a contrast to the deserted streets– we didn’t realize it was the “off season” so at least half of the shops and restaurants were closed when we visited. It was also a lot more touristy than either of us remembered (I hadn’t been there in 8 years) ; sadly the majority of the grand Victorian architecture housed tacky t-shirt and souvenir shops. We both agreed the town should replace those shops with more old timey or “quaint” establishments like a shoe cobber, General Store and hat maker– maybe make it into the Arkansas version of Williamsburg?
Despite the emptiness of the town we enjoyed climbing the hills, poking into a few antique shops and having a picnic in a wooded area. Yes, a picnic in December! Of course I also took loads of photos and wore a 1960s inspired outfit to channel the hippie spirit of the area.

The view from “Inspiration Point” the lookout area was conveniently located next to an antique mall.
If I live in Eureka Springs this would be my house– I love the color aqua and the simple wooden house seemed so cheerful. It was also for sale!
An odd sight– no idea why this ukelele was hanging from a string on someone’s back porch.
We became enamored with the Lonely Row House, it was the narrowest home I’d ever seen. It was isolated but had the architectural style of a row home which begs the question– is it a row home if it’s by itself? We peeked into the windows and saw what looked to be the original furnishings and stove, we hope someone gets around to fixing it up soon.
1960s velvet mini dress: Very Best Vintage, Chicago
1970s locket necklace: Rummage Sale, Chicago
1970s Southwest pattern sweater coat: Thrifted in Arkansas
Two-tone leather boots: Thrifted in Arkansas
1970s saddle shaped leather purse: Antique mall in Arkansas
HUE sweater tights
I’d been wanting a tooled leather bag in the shape of a saddle for ages but they were always priced out of my budget. Jade and I found this bag unexpectantly in a new-to-me antique mall for a very low price! It’s pretty kitschy but I love it.
1980s bangles were found at The Potters Thrift store in Fayetteville. They’re slightly tacky but I like the bling with the faux tortoiseshell.

Even the town’s grocery store is vintage, take a look at that sign! Being a history nerd I’m happy that areas like Eureka Springs still exist in our country.
What historic sites have you visited recently? Has your town or city retained its original architecture?
Thanks Jade for taking these photos and taking this adventure with me!

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  1. damn girl you killed this look. i love the simple black with the pop of woody colors in the sweater. You are taunting me with those boots. I had a pair like that last winter and wore holes in them.

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