Soiree at the Edgewater Antique Mall


Last Saturday I had the good fortune to be my friend Katherine’s date to a holiday soiree at the Edgewater Antique Mall. Yes, Katherine has expanded her vintage empire to include an antique mall booth; she already has a successful etsy shop and website, sells at local flea markets like Randolph Street Antique Market and Vintage Heaven, and of course she’s also the co-creator of the wildly popular Vintage Bazaar.

Unless I’m traveling, I tend to avoid antique malls. Why? Well they are just too tempting! The merchandising is impeccable at the Edgewater Antique Mall and it’s obvious each booth owner has carefully curated their merchandise to reflect their point of view. While I personally enjoy the “treasure hunt” aspect of scouring thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets for my vintage goods, it’s relaxing and inspiring to occasionally stroll through a space like EAM where everything is clean and in good condition.
Besides molesting high quality Midcentury goods, Katherine and I feasted on delicious treats like homemade strawberry cheesecake, kugel (my first time trying it) and even miniature sandwiches stuffed with oven roasted turkey and cranberry sauce. YUM. Vintage & food, my two favorite things!
The best cheesecake I’ve eaten in nearly 2 years, so creamy and the strawberries were perfectly sweet. Someone also has some mad frosting piping skills!
Of course I had to take a few photos in Katherine’s booth, I fell in love with the Seth Thomas clock above. If I’d gone to high school in the 1970s I imagine a clock like this would have been hanging in my classroom.
Sunshine yellow ice buckets! Geometric print end table! Massive sculptural glass art piece!
Across from Katherine’s booth were a pair of 1960s patent leather shoes with POM POMS on the toes. Yes, I never knew I would ever want a pair of shoes like this either but when I tried them on it was like Cinderella trying on her glass slipper. It was also a miracle that they fit as vintage shoes NEVER fit my huge feet. The shoes also conveniently matched the rad rug in Katherine’s booth.
I like the low square heels and cut outs. They need to come home with me soon.
Blenko glass fish. I’m not sure of its intended use but it would look great next to some silver rimmed Dorothy Thorpe lowball glasses on a bar.
I like the idea of displaying an instrument on a coffee table as an objet d’art. Katherine thought the table needed pottery. Thoughts?
Midcentury. Butterflies. Glitter. Yes, who knew this existed?
So many tempting lighting options. I wish all the rooms of my apartment didn’t have ugly ceiling fans.
Embroidered cardigans hanging out near the bathroom.
The abstract cityscape painting caught my eye, it reminds me of the River West area of Chicago where all our skyscrapers are massed near the shimmering Chicago River. I have no idea what the green cube was originally meant for but it would make quite the statement in a living room.
Expressive Art Deco vernacular photos, the hand tinting on the woman was well done and I liked her pose and wistful gaze.
“Mantiques”: Stuffed fish trophy, industrial fans and a Coca-Cola sign.


It’s so hard to resist vintage kitty items.
Somehow I made it out of the Edgewater Antique Mall empty handed; I plan to go back my next pay day though to scoop up a few items!
Can’t get enough of Katherine and her wares? Check out the post I did on the studio she shares with Cushion Chicago.

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  1. yeah i agree with your friend– pottery on theat mid-century coffee table would look amazing. also, how ever did you manage to go home without those shoes? what an awesome antique mall. we have a few out here that are hit or miss.

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