Thrift Haul: Arkansas Style


It’s been months since I last posted a “Thrift Haul” post, partially due to cutting back on thrifting (budget and space limitations) and partially due to laziness about photographing my finds. When I’m back in my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas, I spend half of my time there perusing thrift stores, antique malls and vintage shops. In Chicago I usually thrift alone but in Fayetteville either my mom or my friend Jade serve as my shopping buddy.
Oddly enough the thrifts weren’t picked over like my last trip back in May; I scooped up many goodies for a low amount of money. We hit the usual spots but Jade also introduced me to a couple of antique malls I’d never been to before– if you’re wondering, in Arkansas antique malls generally tend to be more like indoor flea markets as they also have crafts/new items and are less curated than some of the fancy antique malls I’ve seen elsewhere in the U.S.
I’m not sure if this is a trend in rural areas in general or just an Arkansas trait in particular, but every small town in Arkansas has an antique store or flea market, even if they don’t even have a traffic light! Jade and I hit one such store on the way back from a day trip to Eureka Springs (look for photos of our trip in the next post) and found treasures priced at 25 cents.
On this trip home my finds fell into 3 categories: Modern design/home decor, vintage Christmas items and loads of ’50s-70s books.
A Midcentury Modern wooden sugar bowl (?) found at the Rose 2 Flea Market in Rogers. It was only marked as Made in Japan on the bottom though it does look Scandinavian in style.
Chrome and glass Pyrex diner style teapot and an orange plastic and glass sugar shaker. Wouldn’t these two pieces look swell on a formica topped kitchen table? The shaker reminds me of my friend Katherine Raz and her love of all things vintage & orange.
Miniature yellow plastic basket purse & a 1970s whale paperweight. My mom was highly amused when she saw this basket, she said I had one just like it when I was little and it matched a pair of jelly shoes! Wish I’d kept those though I obviously wouldn’t be able to fit the shoes anymore.
Metal & glass butterfly trivet/spoon rest and a Scandinavian painted wooden doll. The doll reminds me a little of the Japanese kokeshi or of Russian nesting dolls. The trivet needs to be cleaned up a bit but it’s in the same style as a frog spoon rest I use in my Chicago apartment.
I love the sweet details on this doll, sadly her hair is shedding.
Vintage deadstock egg carton possibly from the 1940s? It’s in such good shape I was initially suspicious and thought it was a reproduction but it’s actually an original.
Thrifted 1970s purses, the gold clutch is huge and very sparkly. I liked the marbled plastic handle and the initials on the knitted bag.
I always buy holiday items after Christmas as they’re 50-75 percent off! The nativity scene has a MCM feel to it (look at the slope of that roof) and the kissing bears under the mistletoe are too adorable.
A slightly creepy ornament from the 1940s or 1950s. This was found at the small town flea market and cost only 25 cents.
A 1950s snowman pin made out of pipe cleaners above and a Christmas corsage below. Both were also from the small town flea market and only 25 cents each.
The books above are intended for Katherine Raz but I’m tempted to keep them for myself.
The Teen Time book is an uncut book of paper dolls from the 1960s, I need to scan all the pages soon. It features some pretty amazing outfits including the ensembles below, I want to dress up for a ’20s party! Also what is a “Platter Party”??
I’m always on the lookout for books, magazines and catalogs from the 1950s so was excited to find these two publications. The catalog on the right also needs to be scanned in the future, I want to own every dress pictured in it.
“5-Yard Sweep! 180 Inches of Swirling Twirling Beauty”. Um I’m sold, how about you?
Sexy late 1960s styling of desserts from “The Dessert Lovers’ Handbook” cookbook.
Why can’t I ever say no to these 1950s cooking booklets?
Oh right, because they contain photos like the one above, look at the Sweet 16 cake. Pretty glorious.
Swirled bakelite handle knife, painted cedar treasure box and a tiny celluloid compact made in Germany. Is it me or is this arrangement of objects rather sinister? It must be the knife.
While out shopping I kept an eye out for vintage Arkansas postcards and ephemera to bring back to a Chicago friend. Sadly I kept coming across Chicago postcards (kind of ironic, eh?) and stereoscope cards from everywhere BUT Arkansas. The above stereoscope card is highly amusing and seems like it should be set in Arkansas even though it’s actually of New York.

Of course my favorite antique mall/flea market, The Rose, came through with a booth full of vintage Arkansas postcards. The above is my absolute favorite– a pin up beauty casually hanging out in the Ozark landscape. Yes indeed, it is a “scenic view”.

Not pictured is a TON of vintage jewelry I thrifted along with a rad pair of boots and several purses. You can see a few pieces in this previous post and the rest will be popping up in vintage outfit posts in the next few weeks.

What did you find this week? Do you thrift when you travel?

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  1. i would kill to thrift in the south! that bag reminds me a little of mine (from my most recent post). 🙂 i love the christmas-y brooch and the little compact. totally things i would have thrifted for myself too!

  2. Looks like one should include a trip to one of this antique malls! You got a lot for your money! Great find, love the magazines and the figures.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, you mentioned that you are a fan of the little wooden figures, do you have any information of where and when they were made? I will let you know when I list them in the store.

  3. that wooden sugar bowl is actually for nuts! i got one that looks exactly like yours on a recent trip to pa still in the original box! it also came with 4 small bowls! would also be good used as a salt cellar, i though.

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