Found Photo Friday: Everyday Surrealism

Last night the Art Institute of Chicago offered free admission to its Magritte exhibition in exchange for an everyday object of surrealism. The paintings of Magritte along with his contemporaries like Salvador Dali, often featured familiar, even mundane, subject matter […]

Found Photo Friday: The Rockaways

Since the industrialization of America in the 19th century, generations of city dwellers have escaped the heat by heading to idyllic towns dotting the coasts. Initially only the wealthy classes could afford to own lakeside or oceanfront homes but by […]

The Found Photo Alliance

Other people’s memories can be purchased for as little as a quarter at antique shops, flea markets, and estate sales across the United States. I’ve been collecting “found photographs” for almost ten years, mainly in the form of vintage snapshots […]

Buzzing About Bee Hive Chicago

Robyn Witt and Joe Moore of Take 2 Vintage know how tough it can be to manage a vintage business from home, that’s why they recently launched Bee Hive Chicago, a collective space in Chicago that houses nine vendors under […]