Junking in the North

I apologize for the slowdown of posts… there’s still a lot of thrifting going on over here (of course) but I’ve been a little lazy about photographing my items. I blame the lack of sun and the chilly weather for […]

Ebay Lust: Aqua Atomicware

So I’m sitting here at work (I’m the graduate assistant in the art history department of my university) killing time between scanning large files. My favorite thing to do inbetween scans is to peruse eBay for items from the 1950s. […]

Alphabet Soup

It’s a little embarassing but at nearly 23 years old I still haven’t quite become a ‘grownup’— cupcakes, Hello Kitty & Saturday morning cartoons never fail to excite me. Today I braved the chaos of the Salvation Army’s toy aisle […]

Pretty Little Things

I collect a fairly diverse range of items, from kitchenware produced by Pyrex, FireKing and Glabake to purses, dresses and lockets from the 1940s-1970s. While I do keep an eye out for certain items or brands while out thrifting, I […]